national-youth-service-dayYouth Serving in our Community

Congratulations to the 2016 Youth Alliance Award Nominees & Winners! Click Here for a list of the nominees and winners. 

Every year throughout America an estimated 15.5 million youth ages 12 – 18 participate in volunteer activities within their community.  According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, that equates to an impressive 1.3 BILLION hours of community service.  So, why do they do it?  What are the advantages to youth volunteer programs?

Youth volunteers reap personal benefits that will positively impact them throughout their lives.  Let’s start with personal traits.  Volunteering teaches youth about respect for both themselves and their community.  This will carry forward to being respectful at work and with neighbors, etc.  They learn to be helpful and kind.  They also develop leadership skills and patience which benefits them in their adult lives.

Youth who volunteer are 50% less likely to abuse alcohol, cigarettes, become pregnant, or engage in other destructive behaviors.  It is a benefit to their self-esteem.  Youth who volunteer are also more likely to do well in school and graduate. Youth Alliance Awards program is a great way to highlight the community service provided by our area youth.
So, how do you get youth involved?  It needs to start at a young age.  The younger youth start to volunteer the more likely they are to continue the habit throughout their lives.  The struggle is finding agencies and organizations that will work with youth volunteers.

At the Volunteer  Center of East Central Wisconsin we have a Youth Program Coordinator who connects with youth in our local schools and assists with connecting them to volunteer opportunities.

We also work with non-profit agencies and other organizations to identify volunteer opportunities appropriate for youth.  We help agencies identify opportunities that are of interest to young people, best use their energy and creativity, and can be scheduled around school activities.

To find volunteer opportunities for the youth in your life, click on “Search Volunteer Opportunities” to find agencies that have successfully incorporated volunteer activities attractive to youth.

After entering your zip code and interest, another web-page will appear with an “advanced search” feature.  Within that feature select the appropriate age range to generate a list.  If you need more assistance, please contact the staff at the Volunteer Center of East Central Wisconsin.