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RSVP Volunteer Program

RSVP ~ Leading with Experience


The RSVP Volunteer Program uses the life experiences, skills and know-how to meet the needs of our communities.
The Volunteer Center of East Central Wisconsin is a sponsor of a national program called RSVP in Outagamie & Calumet Counties. The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is a great way to volunteer and network with other older adults who have an interest in serving our community. RSVP invites adults age 55 and over to use their life experience and skills to answer the call of their neighbors in need.

Started under the Kennedy Adminstration, this year RSVP celebrates 40 years of service.  View the video and listen to why others have chosen RSVP.  

To get started with RSVP, the RSVP staff will first meet one-on-one with you to determine what opportunities best meet your interests, skills and schedule. The staff will also orient you to the benefits of RSVP membership. You can choose from over 70 agencies called RSVP Stations or select from one of the RSVP Signature Teams that have been developed to to meet community needs. View RSVP Signature Programs and Partnerships

Currently RSVP has over 400 members.  In a given year these members will provide about 50,000 hours of service in the Fox Cities area.  This is a value of $1,068,000 given back to our community. What an impact older adults can make if joined together, committed to making postive changes for others. If you would like to join the RSVP Team call 920-832-9360 for a packet to be sent to you or to schedule your individual RSVP orientation.