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Make A Difference Day

Make A Difference in the Fox Valley!

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Make A Difference Day 2013 
Saturday, October 26th


"I am not available on October 26th but still want to make a difference"...

You can call us at 920-832-9360, as some of the projects can be completed on other days, or here are some other ideas for you:


Clean your closets:  Fall is a great time to go through your closets, garage and basements and clear the clutter.  Have rummage sale to raise money for your favorite cause.  Not that ambitious?  Pack up your belongings and donate them to one of the area thrift shops - Goodwill Industries, St Vincent de Paul, or Community Clothes Closet.  Have food to donate? Salvation Army and St Joseph food Program are great places to support. Don't forget about furniture and building supplies can be donated to Habitat ReStore.  All of these agencies not only help their clients they support other programs so it's a win-win situation.


Make your hobby profitable: Many people have started their own fundraiser by doing things that they like. Like to bowl? Ask friends and family to sponsor you per pin and bowl, bowl bowl. Take your sponsorship money to your favorite agency. Play an instrument?  Hold a concert in your neighborhood.  Put on a talent show. Be creative and talk it up you will be surprised how many people will support your cause. Remember to follow-up with thank you cards or some act of appreciation.


Look around your neighborhood: You may have a neighbor that needs some help with grocery shopping, lawn care, or sweeping the front porch.


Apple Cider stand: Just as good as a lemonade stand!  Make it warm and catch all the dog walkers in your neighborhood.


Be Creative.  Be the change!