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911 Day of Service and Remembrance


 The Volunteer Center is collecting projects from our partner agencies for groups, families and individuals who want to honor Americans who were affected by this tragedy.


Service Projects that you can organize:

The Salvation Army's Coats for Kids will be starting soon.  Put a flyer in your neighbors' doors that you will deliver the coats if they have coats to donate.

Food Drive: Start a food drive at your work or church.  Deliver the food to your nearest pantry.

Busy on the 11th?  Ask your friends to sign up for a one-day project but pick another day when you are available. Both Quarry Quest and the Fox Cities Marathon are upcoming opportunities. Serve a meal at the Emergency Shelter, Salvation Army Meal Program or Loaves and Fishes.

Bowl-A-Thon:  Start your own Bowl-A-Thon.  Make a pledge sheet and have friends and family  be your sponsors. Just think...If you could collect a total of $1.00 per point and you bowled an average of 200 - after 3 games you would collect $600.00!  If you made that donation to any local non-profit agency they would love you!

It's fall in Wisconsin.  Offer to rake a neighbor's yard. Can't rake? Offer a cup of hot cider to someone who is raking.  The point is to do something.  Be of service to someone else.

It doesn't matter what you do just know that doing something makes our country stronger. 

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